New Horizons project aims at greater impact on long-term unemployed people who have acquired disability after an accident or long-standing illness.

If you are an organisation or individual (career counsellor, adult trainer, patient organisation, NGO or related) who is interested in providing professional and customized counselling services to support these people in their re-integration in the labour market and society, NEW HORIZONS is your platform for

Sharing and exchanging experience

with professionals from 7 European countries with different background;

Learning and development of your competences

in psychological support and career counselling of disadvantaged groups;

Raising awareness

about the special needs of unemployed people with disabilities and various good practices in supporting them finding their own way in the form of a new career path or developing own business ideas;

Becoming part of NEW HORIZONS network of strong and empowered  leaders

who strive to combat discrimination on grounds of disability around Europe and promote equal chances for employment for all people based on their skills, competences and motivation;

The concrete added value activities for you are

Training for capacity building of key staff of your organisation,

who are in daily contact with the target group and support them through their career path. The training process has 3 main stages:

  • September 2017: 1 representative from every partner country (career counsellor, adult trainer, NGO representative or related) will have the opportunity to be trained for a career consultant on the International Train-the-Trainer in Vienna, Austria.
  • October – December 2017: National Train-the-Trainer seminar will be held in every partner country, which will train representatives of all organisations participating in the project on key competences for conducting a career counselling process following the NEW HORIZON approach;
  • Free Online platform that allows e-learning and competence development for career guidance process and constant exchange and experience sharing with other professionals using the NEW HORIZON programme across Europe

Online Social platform

for your target groups – people who have suffered in an accident or long-standing illness which had severe impact on their personal and professional life; Here they could (anonymously or not) consult experts and psychologists regarding their career development and/or reintegration.

If you feel, that NEW HORIZON idea will bring benefits to your staff, to your members and personally to you, in developing competences as career counselling, psychological support and empowering people, please send us your idea or feedback, using  the contact form to join the New Horizons network.