New Horizons aims to reach:

long-term unemployed people

who have acquired disability after an accident or long-standing illness which had severe impact on their personal and professional life;

In order to provide this target group with individual career counselling the following experts will be involved:

career counsellors and adult

who are experienced in working with disadvantaged groups and/or want to expand their qualification;

patients’ associations and other NGOs

who are supporting people with varies types of disabilities;

For a widespread impact of New Horizons project outputs, awareness raising with relevant stakeholders are undertaken with:

HR-Managers and Managing Directors

of companies that are socially responsible;

Policy makers

such as ministries and agencies in the field of employment and social policy;

Labour market authorities

such as Employment Agencies, Job centres and platforms;

If you find yourself within the above mentioned target groups, please use the contact form in order get in touch with the NEW HORIZONS team.