To reach the goals stated in the project, the following main activities will take place:

 Desk-research and best practice analysis

for re-integration of long-term unemployed people after disability or physical illness or injury in the partner countries.

Training programme for career counselling of long-term unemployed people with acquired disabilities

after an accident or illness

Career counselling manual for career consultants & adult trainers

who have been trained on international and national level

Online social platform exchange, e-learning and mutual support

which is available for both target groups – counsellors and long-term unemployed people with acquired disabilities;

Career Kit Empower Yourself

which aims at raising self-awareness and self-motivation among the unemployed people with disabilities about their strengths and internal resources by giving them concrete tips/techniques and success stories as inspiration sources;

A methodology for evaluation of competence development of the career counsellors

and people with acquired based on the European tool LEVEL 5;

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