The New Horizons’ trainers’ team is formed and ready to spread our unique career counselling approach for people with disabilities in 7 European countries

By November 29, 2017News

In the first week of October, participants came from across 7 countries in the Vienna’s unique atmosphere of baroque streetscapes and imperial palaces in order to take part in a 5-day training for trainers and career counselors. Experts with different professional backgrounds including education, psychology and career guidance have been trained on the freshly elaborated New Horizons training programme for psychological and career counselling.

The whole training programme is based on the holistic New Horizons counselling approach, which first aims at understanding the context and individual needs of the client, and lead him/her through a self-discovering journey, which will boost their self-awareness, self-confidence, and their motivation and engagement to pro-actively look out and find new opportunities. As useful part of this journey the trainers have prepared diverse materials in topics like labour market specifics and search strategies, effective communication, emotional intelligence and social entrepreneurship.

The trainers and counsellors themselves have the unique opportunity to assess their own professional and personal development during the career counselling process, using the innovative competence validation model LEVEL5.

After the positive and constructive feedback of the participants in the train-the-trainer TTT workshop in Vienna, next step will be to make the whole training programme for career counselling available in all partner languages in order to spread it out during the national TTTs end of 2017 and beginning of 2018. All training and counselling materials will be available on a specially created online social platform, available on the New Horizons’ website.

If you are inspired and ready to join us in this learning and counselling journey together with long-term unemployed people with disabilities, stay tuned on Facebook or on this page in order to learn more about the upcoming National train-the-trainer seminars in the 7 European countries.